Friday, 6 May 2016

Read Through The Aspects mChannel Runs The Show

Welcome to mChannel. Today, we are here to tell you the positive aspects of joining hands with us. Without any delay, let’s go ahead and read through the features and decide wisely.

The Bunch of Techies:

Our team consists of vibrant, innovative and passionate developers and customer support executives setting a different platform for your ecommerce business, holding through every obstacle through extensive support and site maintenance. And if you are really skeptical about anything related to development, customer support or even customizations, we are here to sort that out too. We have done our homework perfectly, simply ring us and see how we will solve your concerns in minutes.

Open-Source Platform- Magento: 

Since there are too many platforms in the web market, we chose to join hands with Magento, the leading open source platform in the ecommerce world to customize your world in just clicks. However, this is not the end. We have plans to integrate other open source platforms for the conversion, for obvious reasons. And with Magento, you can customize your mcommerce world, and set new heights for your Magento Android Mobile App.

Security, Privacy and Reliability:

After the team and platform, the next important aspect of mChannel is to deal with security, privacy and reliability. Since we are dealing on general principles and sensitive nature of our various clients, we provide the greatest value for the security privacy of our systems and users. When you head towards the conversion of the ecommerce website into our systems, there is no data from your website stored, used or even copied on our servers, which means, your data is very safe within our premises.

Easy On Your Pockets:

We have designed three specialized pricing plans available with mChannel, you can choose your plans accordingly and your work will be done. And we have the best team to support you every baby step you take towards development and in no real time, you will have your mcommerce Magento mobile app for android and iOS ready to use.

Value Adding Business:

Feedbacks play a very important role when we receive from our customers and with each passing day, we improvise in our technologies, methodologies and approach for better satisfaction. Our aim is to ensure transparent pricing and a clear communication with our clients before we start working with them.

Schedule a Consultation:

So what’s next? Join hands with mChannel and we ensure you, you have will have a long way to go with us with a very positive prospect in life. Quickly fill up the contact form, or simply call us @ +91 87540 26877 or email us at and we will be at your service.

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