Sunday, 1 May 2016

Build your First Android App With mChannel

When Android was introduced as a platform by Google, there was lot of hype with the new generation applications and introduction of new technologies. In no time, we had Android developers ready to work with companies and serve their clients, colleges included syllabus with Android App Development, and training was a part of their job with sufficient knowledge and methodologies how to deal with customers. Everyone were unknown to core technologies, but somewhere, the developers were well versed, and with the limited knowledge, they influenced the audience to stick to the stereotypes. It was not too late, when new techniques, ideas, software, languages and well versed designers were looped. 

And when we look at today’s generation, you don’t need anyone at all for your app development process. Just mChannel and its basic software, and convert your ecommerce website into a brand new, dashing Magento mobile app for your audience. However, we don’t limit ourselves here. We believe in bringing new and attractive content in front of your audience, and with the same thought, we introduced customizations.

Customizations are nothing but, giving a different touch to your mobile app, with a new design, content, user interface and inclusion of categories and products. Our presentation techniques are very unique, and thus, you can stay assured, your customer will love it!

If you are worried that you have no coding knowledge, and yet you wish to have an app of your own, welcome to the league. We have built and share thousands of Magento Android App for our customers, and most of them are not from the technology field, which means, they have zero knowledge about coding and other languages. We would only suggest you, leave the coding part on us and so the designing tension. You simply share your views, ideas, innovative concepts and we shall implement them through our work, and the rest is assured.

With mChannel, the ultimate Magento Mobile App builder for your ecommerce website, stands as one shop stop mobile app building platform for all your ecommerce needs. We work round the clock, which means, you don’t have to really follow up with us, or even send us emails for daily updates. It will automatically reach your email id and if you wish to bring in changes, we are happy to modify.
Our developers are handpicked, well experienced and diversified in their work and subject. With new technology updating, we also update our knowledge with training and practice hours each day to come up with new concepts and ideas, leaving our customer awestruck.

For more details, you can look into our demo apps developed for various clients. And we have left good imprints and wish to be part of our small family, simply contact us and in no time, our customer support executive will reach you for more details.


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