Wednesday, 4 May 2016

All You Need To Know About mChannel

We have been talking about everything but nothing about mChannel. Since we don’t prefer self-promotion, we left the topic for good reasons. However, with the fast moving world, and technology driving us towards our goals, we ought to speak about us and expand our visibility among the customers. mChannel is one such source channel, available anytime of the day for Magento Android mobile app or iOS, or for that matter, any platform you choose based on your target audience.

mChannel, is one of the first kind cloud based SaaS platform, which is built to help and retain customer visibility in the virtual world through mobile shopping apps with the best optimized features, innovative designs and ideas. The better you get through your mobile app; your online sales are likely to be boosted with best usability. We stand as your best IT partner for all your mobile dealings.

mChannel, the brand itself speaks for itself. We are renowned mobile app builders with Magento as the base platform. We are specialized in providing services for customizations and apps for hybrid and native technologies. So name the platform you wish to build to target your audience, and we shall do the needful for you within minutes and serve you with various customizations that will also add in more subject to your Magento mobile app.

Big players like, Flipkart and Amazon have their own set of audience and techniques to reach their customers, whereas, small and medium scale retailers do not maintain great mobile presence. Well, reasons are many; it can vary from budget problem or lack of virtual world knowledge or proper help. mChannel is here to solve the untold mystery for the small scale industry, and show them the real light of marketing through our mobile app.

Since we are targeting small scale based industry, our pricing is also according, and the most pocket friendly service you can get across the web. So you don’t have to worry anything in real about the costing. And if you wish to include customizations in your work, we will charge you minimal for that as well. So overall, you will enjoy services that are not too heavy on your pocket and get results like you always wished for.

So what is the wait for? Come over and take a look at our previously done work, or read our testimonials, to understand what kind of work we have been doing, and the benefits you get with us. Read through our other blog post here and check out the demo apps for reference. We won’t provide you with the same design or content, everything here is copyrighted, however, if you have any ideas and concepts you wish to include in your web page, you are welcome to share the same with our 
designers. They will be happy to serve you as you wish.  

Reach our customer support, or leave a message for us. We will reach you in no time. 

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