Friday, 8 April 2016

Why Should You Choose mChannel As Your App Builder Partner- II

So last week, you read about few criterions you need to look into before you leap in and join hands with mChannel. Here are few left out criterions you can take a look at, and decide that suits your requirements.

Work Flow & Project Management:

At our end, you don’t have to worry about the work flow and the project management since we have a team of dedicated developers, handpicked and well-skilled. They are appointed for individual projects, and they handle only one project at a time to give undivided attention to our customers. You can get in touch with them anytime you wish, during business hours for any enquiry or questions. They will be happy to serve you. And if you wish to know the progress, we shall send you weekly or daily reports; however it is feasible for us. Other than progress reports, you are most welcome to visit our office while we are working on your project and share your ideas so that we can implement the same.


We don’t boost that we will provide you with the best designing part, but we can assure you that, once the designing phase for your product is frozen, the same or even the cloned part will not be used in any other products. Let be alone images or content. mChannel will give you the copyrights of everything we work on, from the website to content, images and the coding as well. You can always suggest us if you wish to add any new feature apart from the existing. You know, we are free to provide you with a customized solution.

Post Purchase Assistance:

Once your application is ready to go live, we would like you to check through your app thoroughly and understand we are running on the right tracks. Even last minute changes are accepted, or else we need to send an update to our users if we bring in any changes after uploading live. And you can come back to us anytime if you wish to make any update or changes in the designed app. We will be happy to serve you again.

Market Awareness:

Market awareness is a must with any mobile app developer because, development is only a backend phase, but audience acknowledging the app is more important. The catch here is an app with attractive design and user-friendly features is the app that will be sold the most. Our developers have knowledge about how to reach the audience, and how we can increase our visibility among thousands of apps. So stay tension free, and enjoy the designing and post designing phase with mChannel.


Another important criteria you need to look into is, the testing phase. This seems to be the best way to assure that your app is safe in the virtual store. There are various types of Mobile application testing such as: unit testing, functionality testing, integration testing, stress testing etc. By putting your Mobile Ecommerce app through these tests would assure you with quality and self-satisfaction. At mChannel, we have a dedicated team of testers, well experienced and their core knowledge is excellent. Before you go out in search of the best testing team, try a hand with our experts and we can assure you will not regret. 

So these are the criteria you need to look for, while you are choosing the best mobcommerce mobile app development company. However, you will find none like mChannel. We have our own ways to deal with the projects, but we assure you we will provide you with results and positive ones. So what is the wait for? Are you still in a fix? Can we do anything to clear your doubts? We have placed ourselves as an open book, right in front of you. It’s your chance to turn the pages and read through the advantages you can grab with us. If you have any queries related to our previous work, development or developers, feel free to reach us @ +91 87540 26877 or simply write to us to We will be right there to answer your queries.


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