Saturday, 2 April 2016

Why Should You Choose mChannel As Your App Builder Partner?

Welcome to the mobcommerce world. Mobile phones act like an essential organ of our body. Our survival is almost zero without a phone in hand. From checking the latest collection of slippers and clothing on an ecommerce app to staying in touch with our U.S friends, catching live update of T20 India Pakistan match to reading a book while we are in the tube, there can be so much done with one smartphone in hand. However, to stay updated and read books, there are specific apps that you need to choose from the millions of developed apps available in Play Store and iStore.

Applications are easy to develop and with high technology bars, you can convert your ecommerce website into an application. However, before choosing the right mcommerce app builder platform, mChannel takes the initiative to share the main criterions you need to look into before you make a choice with us.

Is the service pocket friendly?

Well, this one question we at mChannel answer almost every person who comes over for a service. We shall tell you only one thing, don’t look into the cost you are paying, look into the quality of work we provide you through our expertise. And at our end, it is not mere conversion of website to mobile app. We also offer customized based solutions to our customers. If you are way too skeptical, take a look at our previous work, and you will know what we are speaking about!

What’s Our Technology Upfront?

Since the time we have started, nearly a decade ago, we have always been running behind new technology and updated versions of the languages, software and developer’s knowledge. So there will be no issue with the technology at our end. We are a bunch of techies, invested our trust in technologies like Cordova, HTML 5, Angular Js, and many more. However, we don’t restrict ourselves to these alone. If you have anything else in mind, we can surely implement it and you can see the outcome yourself!

Are We Well Experienced?

Experience is such a subject, which cannot be defined in words. We might tell you, we have developed app for big products like HDFC Bank, but the reality is what was the outcome of the app? Did it work in the market? Did the audience appreciate? What is the preference level? Does the audience know HDFC also has an app for mobile transactions?

Experience lies within. Development happens every day at our end, how much we succeed in reaching the audience and completing their requirement maps our accomplishment. We will never tell you, we are an expertise in app development. No one is, we all are learning. Learning from the new technology, grasping structural design ideas from other developed apps, reading and understanding what unique feature we can add in apps that can attract more audience is what we call knowledge. Our work is not only to develop app, but also to reach the audience and appreciate our work. That’s where our experience lies.This is not the end. We have loads to tell you about ourselves and about mChannel

So stay tuned with us, read, and share and like our previous post until we post the next part of the blog. And the meantime, you want to take a look at our previous work, look at them here. If you want to get in touch with our experts with regards to development, technology or anything related to mobile app development, please feel free to call us @ +91 87540 26877 or email us at We will answer all your questions and provide vital solutions. 


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