Friday, 15 April 2016

Let’s Talk About Features Magento Has To Offer

After talking about mCommerce features, today, in the list, we have Magento Features holding your attention. We all know, Magento being the most popular and famous open source platform among the ecommerce stores, we, at mChannel support and share the latest feature list, which you can implement in your Magento Android App and iOS.

Image Gallery with Zoom:

When we look into the online market, we don’t get to feel the texture, or see the product in hand. Let be a DSLR or a piece of cloth, we have to invest trust in the ecommerce website and simply order with our finger crossed. However, you as an ecommerce store owner should insist the product owners to upload images of their product from all angels, so that the customer gets an idea what he is ordering. You should add in a feature which allows the user to zoom in the picture, and take a detailed look at the buttons of the camera or texture of the cloth respectively.

Wish list:

This space is very important with ecommerce shoppers. When we look for one product, we intend to like so many other things that you don’t know which one to order now and which one later. And instead of saving the URLs and bookmarking them on your browser, ecommerce store allows you to save your liked products online under Wish-List. As an ecommerce store owner, this is an advantage for you to understand your customer’s choice. With the help of their wish-list, you can send them e-mailers and push notifications regarding recommendations from your company, and also keep them informed about the price variations so that they can shop if they wish to.

Product Reviews:

This feature is shared with mcommerce and Magento. Like we already said, this is important segment of an ecommerce store. This feature allows the owner, i.e. you about your customer’s views and how satisfactory he is with the product picked, and also, the reviews will help the other customers to choose and buy the product.

Customer Rating:

Like the customer product reviews, rating places a vital role in dealing with your customers. It is a customer mind set to move with other views and rating. With due respect, ecommerce owners should encourage and follow up with their customers and request them to share their experience with your ecommerce store, delivery and the product. The rating is an overall experience with your ecommerce store. If they rate less than 2, it is important to get more information from them regarding their rating and solve if they had faced any issues with your ecommerce store, or while shopping or during the delivery.

Magento is one platform that allows customizations from scratch, and we, at mChannel, encourage our customers to choose and deal with Magento as it is the number one and leading Open source platform for ecommerce. With the feature list scrolling down, we shall update you with another set of features next week, till then, read through our other post, share and comment till we come in and post the next list.

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