Friday, 29 April 2016

How Does mChannel Work? A Brief Understanding

We have been s peaking about features to be included in your mobile app for your latest ecommerce, however, today; we will tell you how mChannel works and how easy it is once you are a part of our family.

Sign Up:

The very first step you need is to sign up or log in. If you are new to our website, we take the pleasure to welcome you to mChannel, the ultimate app builder platform for your ecommerce mobile app needs and requirements. Click on Sign up, and provide details like;

Name, Company name, Mobile Number, Company website, Email ID and password.

Once you become a part of our mChannel family, you are required to verify your email id through an activation email id sent across to your email box. Click on the link, and there you are! Welcome to mChannel.

Getting Started:

After registering, you are directed to the Dashboard. This is the place, where all the customizations take place. You will be able to see two buttons on your left. One is the Dashboard, and another is App Setup.

The Dashboard:

At the dashboard, you will be able to see pictorial presentation of step by step methodology. You will also find two buttons below, one says GET STARTED and another says VIDEO, where you will be able to see how to get going with app conversion.

App Setup:

This is the place, where you will be able to find setup instructions and user manual for how to install the magento extension and how to go about the conversion. Follow the instructions given under the PDF attached and see how you will get your ecommerce app in minutes.
You can download the Magento Extension and then take forward the conversion, and also directly move to the Configuration here.

This is a brief explanation on how the conversion takes place. However, we shall come up with a detailed blog post on how to get things started at mChannel, and how our developers come into the scene. Till then, read our previous post, view our work and share a word with your loved ones. We love to see how we stand important for our audience. 


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