Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Check Out mCommerce Feature List Designed By mChannel- II

Ecommerce is one business, which is growing in bounds, not only in U.S. but also across the globe. And with that, there are many Magento Mobile App Builder platforms emerging from everywhere. And mChannel is one such platform for customers who are looking for a cost effective yet uncompromising effort to build mobile apps and attract audience with uniqueness and upfront revenues.

So here we go! We have listed down the second set of mCommerce features, which you might wish to include or update in your Magento Mobile App.
      Product Review:

There are so many products and the best, the same product is sold by thousands of sellers online. How do you make the right choice? Well, it is easy. Read through the reviews provided by our fellow shoppers and zero down to the best. For the ecommerce owner, it is very important to let his customer reach his ideal product, thus, encourage more and more audience shopping online to share a word about the product they just picked, ask them to rate it, revealing how satisfied they are with the product, and it is also an additional information for the other shoppers if it is worth spending for this product.
      Pin Code Availability:

This is another added facility you can provide your customers with. No matter which corner they are living, their addresses will support a pin code, and via that pin code, your customers can know when and how the product will be delivered. And in some cases, it is very important since newbies mcommerce doesn’t target remote areas. So if your customer resides in the city, it is more feasible to deliver and he would know when (approximately) he will receive the parcel.
      Customer Order Tracking:

There is always curiosity added when any products are ordered online. We wait eagerly by the door so receive the parcel and tear it open to see how it looks. From apparels to phone accessories, anything and everything is delivered at our door step, with utmost ease. However as an ecommerce owner, with this feature integrated in your mCommerce Mobile app, you can allow your customers to know and figure out where the parcel has reached through their order number. And when the parcel is out for delivery, you can send the docket number and the delivery boy’s number through SMS. Sometimes, due to unavailability of the customer, the delivery needs to take place another day. In such cases, the customer himself call the delivery boy and request him to come the next day, specific time to reach him without any hurdles.
      Customized Checkout:

Are you looking for a fancy checkout option or simple? Speak to our developer, he can suggest you the best options for your Magento Android App and iOS App. Some owners prefer two way checkouts, like adding in the cart and simply “Buy Now” option. So it depends on your preferences. And other than these two common check out methods, you have anything else in mind, don’t hesitate to share with us. We can customize anything for your mcommerce world, and let you stand out of the box.

·         Payment Methods:

In this fast moving world, online shopping is a trend, and with this growing trend, payment methods are emerging from everywhere. Many famous and well known payment gateways like PayU Biz, PayU Money and CC avenue are sharing their platforms with mcommerce world and integrating a different relationship altogether with the customers. And there are still some shoppers, who are skeptical to share their bank details online with reference to the online fraudulent happening online almost every other day. And for such customers, COD or Cash on Delivery will suit and be the best option.

However, with mChannel development and integration, you will not face any fraudulent cases at all throughout your mcommerce journey as we have joined hands with few of the renowned security firewalls, which are very strong and no hacker can unlock it without our assistance.

So here we go! This is the feature list recently updated by mChannel. Limitations don’t exist at our end. You can share your views, ideas and get the innovation bulb blink harder and we shall implement all of it in your Magento iOS App and Android App.

So do you like to join hands with the world best Magento Mobile App Builder- mChannel? Is we treat the answer yes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer support, who are the best people to tell you from where to start, and how we as a team can show you the roads of success.

Contact us and see how we whirl your world in minutes.


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