Monday, 11 April 2016

Check Out mCommerce Feature List Designed By mChannel

One thing that always put us in deep thoughts is what features I should include in my Magento ecommerce Mobile App. Well, that’s the topic of discussion today. We will tell you the most important mcommerce features you need to include in your app for attracting more audience. However, don’t stick to this list. There are plenty features out there, which can be a part of your mobile app, nevertheless, always remember; the features you include should reflect your products as well.

So let’s get going with the feature list:

Keyword Search:

Since your mcommerce mobile app will have multiple products listed from clothing to slippers, accessories to home needs, which will also include brand, size, color, style as well. With the keyword search, your customer can customize his needs with one simple keyword and get to the product almost immediately instead of wasting his time looking from page to page. Isn’t it as easy as we speak? Well it is, try out a hand with the existing mobile apps, and see how it works.

Customized Layout:

Well, with mChannel, you can simply convert your ecommerce website into an app within clicks, however, if you are looking for a change and a different attraction for your audience, we can provide you with a customized layout, design, color, texture, content, almost everything at our end. mChannel acts like one stop shop app builder partner for your Mcommerce Magento App. What else do you need? Name it, we will provide you. Our hand-picked developers can serve you with anything you name and integrate the same in your mobile app with ease.

Integration Of Categories And Products:

Since you are running the show through your ecommerce website, there will obviously be thousands of brands, and another ten thousand products under each of the category. It is vital to maintain and present it with finesse since you are dealing with the general audience. No matter, how many products you wish to include in your app, or the products, mChannel can integrate them with utmost ease, without disturbing the design, layout or the customizations. You give us a list of categories you wish to include, and the sub categories if any, and you see how your audience will love your integration.

Filters And Sorts:

Another important feature in the do-list is filers and sorts. When there are millions of products available online, and your customer is looking for one particular brand and color, this feature will help him in choosing and finalizing what he was looking for. With just clicks and selection of options in the filter list like color, size, brand and style, he can choose among the filtered products and sort based on this preference. Isn’t easy? Well is it! We are here to make utmost ease for you and your growing popularity.

So here we go. We have presented some of the most popular Mcommerce features used for Magento mobile app for android and iPhone. You can also add in your features in the list while you develop one. However, we shall also share another set of features in the next blog. Till then, stay calm, read our previous post and build beautiful Magento Mobile Apps with mChannel, one and only App Builder partner for all your mcommerce needs. 


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