Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Are You Wondering How To Keep Your Customer Engaged? Read It Here!

After talking about Magento and Ecommerce features, today, it’s our turn to speak about Customer Engaging Features. This section is the most important and essential to your ecommerce website, since you are dealing with the customers directly and these features bring them one step closer. So before it’s too late to deal, zest up your ecommerce websites with the following features and see how your journey from reaching your customers to fan followers is created.

Get going with the features, and make up your own list. Developers at mChannel are not only talented but are blessed with power to deal with sensibility.

Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications are like practicing to be engaged with the customers even when your app is not in active state. Each of our push notifications are enriched with personalized content, and that helps you in understanding and staying connected with your customers on a personal level. Push notifications always doesn’t have to be about reminding to shop with us, it can also be about new offers, arrivals of new products and orders. You can also send them notifications on the items added in the wish list, if there is a discount awaiting for them, or new stock updated online.

Coupon Code:

Coupon code is another feature shared between Magento and customer engaging features. They are basically a simple code, consisting of a letters or numbers that the consumer can enter in the promotional box available at the checkout page to obtain discounts, such as percentage off purchase, free shipping and other discounts. It is important to share your coupon code to your customers via push notifications and social media, so that more and more crowd come to your mcommerce app and shop till the offer ends.

Gift Wrap:

Are you planning to gift your loved ones and you wish to surprise them? We will support your ideas. Since the gifts are very special thing, as an ecommerce owner, you have to deal with your customers and provide them with a personal touch. Their loved ones will not only be thrilled, but also love the idea of surprise and special touch. You also provide them with a variety of other options within gift wrapping like what kind of gift wrap they can choose, the color, the text to be written on the card. There are million ways to attract your audience and make them feel special.

Promotional Banners:

Banners are such an item online that will surely catch your attention, no matter what is written or who is posing in front of the cam. The same applies to the ecommerce business. Ensure you get into this promotional banners for creating the basic liking towards your website, not because for fame. Once you know people are appreciating your ads, you can target them to come and join your family with a special login and offers. It is very important to give a colorful, visual treat to your customer’s eye, which is what selling these days. So let’s get indulge in one with mChannel, and see how we make a difference in the Ecommerce market under your name.

No matter how many features you include in your ecommerce app, or how many of them really show effect in your marketing, joining hands with mChannel will never let you down with the marketing techniques. With each passing day, we have new and innovative methods to promote and reach our audience within the time span and circle. Invest your trust on us, and see how we make a difference in your analytics. For more details, contact us and our customer support executive will reach you shortly.

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