Thursday, 31 March 2016

Why Should You Choose Hybrid App Development?

The whole world is moving with the trend, developing unique, feature-rich and attractive apps that can bring in a lot of traffic and raise your revenue upfront. With Cross Platform Mobile Application development has raised it bars and the demand for more virtual shopping apps is touching the sky. These hybrid apps are designed on two or more of the OS platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone 7, Web OS, MeeGo, Maemo and many more to go with. However, developers can focus on giant platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. Today, we are going to speak about the features that can benefit you and your virtual business.

Features And Advantages If You Choose Hybrid App Development:


Basically, the cross platform framework is entirely based on the developer and of course the customer. If you have anything specific in mind, you can speak to our customer executives. It comprises of the dynamic and scripting language, which is not a deal of task for the developers. The languages required to develop a cross platform or hybrid app is HTML5, Javascript and CSS3, which are the common ones and certainly on the fingertips of the developers. The developers can make use of the common hardware features available on mobile devices and have the UI specific for each OS platform.

Re-use the codes:

Additional advantage you get with cross platform mobile application development is that, once the app is developed, it can be launched on multiple OS. The developer doesn’t have to write codes and sequences for each platform separately. Instead you can simply reuse those bits in upcoming projects and different platforms.

Plug ins:

It is common that most of the cross platform or the hybrid apps include plug-ins that let you create a native library and integrate it in the SDK’s like PhoneGap, Appcelerator’s Titanium and Rhodes. This helps you develop apps with most advanced features and tasks.

Cost Effective Solution:

Another important benefit you get with cross platform mobile app development is that you don’t have to spend way too much for the development of hybrid apps. Developing a single app for all the platforms cost less when compared with independent platforms.

Get Support with Ease:

Cross platform framework comes with an option to directly communicate with the cloud services, and thus, you can achieve excellent support.

Fast Compilation:

Compilation here with hybrid apps is faster and effective, when compared of the other native apps.

Testing Is No Hurdle Here:

Testing is made simple and effortless, with cross platform framework. Hence, the developer will not consume much of your time before the app launch.

It is always better to stay updated and move along with the technology or your competitors will grab your customers as well and you will be left with none. Hybrid App development is one of the most common app development these days, since everyone is looking for a cost-effective development. Another advantage of developing hybrid apps is that you need only one single app for multiple platforms. So even if you are targeting audience using iOS or Android, you can reach both at the same time.

mChannel is stands as the best and ultimate Hybrid App builder platform, dealing with your requirements with utmost ease. At our end, we have a team of developers and testing team who can provide you the best results in no time span. You speak your requirements, we deal with it. Other than that, we have a specialized marketing team, who are well trained and skilled, moving along with technology, who knows in and out about marketing and that would stand as an advantage to your app. Even though you are converting your website to a Magento App, you still need to market your app in order to convert your growing traffic at your website to your mobile app. Leave your worries for us and you can sit back, while we fix pieces for you to view.

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