Monday, 21 March 2016

Reasons Why your Ecommerce Business Need A Mobile App

The Smartphone is playing an integral in our lives as well as in the ecommerce world. Currently, the mobile commerce market size is estimated about $40 USD. Mobile visits are responsible for one third of the traffic generated to the most popular ecommerce websites. And the crowd prefers browsing/ researching about the current trend through their smartphone before shopping.
The ecommerce market is showing massive growth throughout the globe, and perhaps, it is labeled as the fastest growing sector. And the major factors’ fueling its growth is Mobile world.

User Prefer Smartphone Over Browser:

As per the research, about 50% of the traffic generated to ecommerce sites and 30% of the total sales are driven through Smartphones. It is indicted that by 2019, more than 60% of the total sales would be made through mobile. This proves that mobile makes a strong channel for e-commerce businesses.

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Push Notifications:

Unique feature offered by the mobile phones is Push Notifications. They are the most effective tool for boosting repeat purchase and customer loyalty. You can maintain a communication level, which will add on to your revenue aspect. If your customer was looking for a particular product, and already added in the wish list, you can send in notifications on its availability, price falling or increase. This will create a temptation to shop online through your channel and if their experience is good, they would surely share their word with the world, which is another indirect marketing for your ecommerce channel.

You can recover and convert to purchase about 70% of abandoned shopping carts by simply sending customers push notifications.

Access Retail Stores with Less Hassle and Enjoy Brand Loyalty:

Consumer can now easily access their favorite brands through their smartphone applications. Offers, discounts, and deals offered by the retailers are just click away from the shoppers. And smartphone are turned smarter indeed, with the big data in tow, and are able to show products based on the user preferences.

When we speak about the high performance and enhanced user experience, Magento Mobile apps are more successful than convectional websites. And this add into the factor list, why consumers prefer app over websites/ browsers.

Apps serve as the relationship manager between brands and consumers, as they are the key factor in building the loyal user-base for the businesses. With the excess usage of mobile phones used for shopping, retailers award mobile users with discount coupons and deals that are applicable through mobile app.

User Experience:

With the mobile app already installed in their smartphone, there is no room for remembering the URL or need to add in efforts to log in to their account. Users need to simply click on the app icon, and check out the products, deals and offers based on their preferences. The performance and experience is achieved in almost any native app developed with Magento while with a website, the user needs struggle to achieve the same app like performance even if you are using the best of the HTML tools that promise better experience or performance.

Mobile App or smartphone app should be a cornerstone of your mobile strategy. Publishing your app on your store is a start to a relationship with your store visitors. Analytics from your app will help you optimize your app and monitor user behaviors, allowing you to understand them better. The only goal in mind should be to provide seamless and personalized experience to your customers no matter which device they are using or the platform.

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