Thursday, 10 March 2016

Read Through the Mobile Strategies for Your Ecommerce Business

With the Smartphone world emerging with new ideas and transformation, the best bet is to move along or you will be mile behind your competitor. It is an inescapable reality that every online buyer is now comfortable shopping or checking out items through their mobile phones rather than taking a look at the mobile website or through desktop.
As per the study, around 63% of the crowd enjoys shopping with convenience of their mobile phones and most of the ecommerce businesses have already started devising their own mobile strategy.
Magento Mobile App development is excessively in demand and with passing time, more and more ecommerce stores are going mobile. So jump onto the bandwagon and select the best ecommerce mobile solutions for your business.
We have few mobile strategies listed down for your ecommerce business.

Responsive Mobile Site:
With the advancement of development, ecommerce businesses can develop a website with responsive theme, fitting in any screen size and shape, without having to redo the code separately for each device. The elements of the web can shrink or expand as per the requirement and the best is, you can add responsive functionality to your current design and you don’t have to alter much of anything if you wish, and maintain the current setting.
·        Easy to manage
·        One website and one code for all the devices
·        Maintenance of single URL across all devices
·        Add on benefit to your SEO efforts
·        And most importantly, low cost of implementation
·        Affects the user experience
·        Navigation changes to accommodate the screen
Separate Mobile Website:
A mobile website is scaled down version of your original website. It is specially tailored for your mobile platform with a separate domain. Eg:
·        Designed and developed for smaller screen size Smartphones
·        Faster to load and easily accessible
·        No downloads and installing anything
·        Multiple URLs hindrance to manage the code
·        Separate codes required with each website update
·        Separate content management
·        The look of the website will not be the same with all the devices
Native Mobile app
Native mobile app development is software, especially designed and tailored for the mobile operating system, written in native language. Every user have to download the app and install the application on their devices before they can interact with your business.
·        Excellent user experience compared to mobile optimized websites
·        Speed is simply boundless
·        Functionalities can be added for smooth and fast operations
·        Easy app Installation with all-time access provided
·        Increase of visibility of your business
So what is your take on the strategies? Join hands with and get your latest ecommerce app developed in minutes. We provide you the ultimate app building platform with the finest customizations available at our end. At mChannel, we have the world best developers in hand, with creativity and innovation at its best. 
Give us an opportunity to assist you with your requirements, and see how we can make a difference in the m-commerce world. Reach us @ +91 87540 26877 or email us at and we will help in designing, developing and uploading live. What else are you looking for.

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