Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Magento Mobile App for your E-Commerce Business

Magento Mobile App for your E-Commerce Business
The ecommerce business has taken a toll and served the audience with a new and exquisite shopping experience. When it comes to the best platform to develop ecommerce website, the title is bagged by MAGENTO. Since it is an Open Source Platform, it has grabbed the possible attention in the ecommerce market and allows the user to deal with utmost customization capability. With the increase of customer demand and requirements, Magento has become a must-have mobile app for an ecommerce store.
As per the study, businesses not investing in Mcommerce solution are missing on attracting potential customers, and directing them to the competitor’s business. Around 43% of smartphone users claim to find mobile shopping quick and easy rather than shopping through the website.
Mobile app is one such platform, which allows the shopper to make decision on their convenience. Making your webstore available in the form of Mobile app will definitely increase your store availability and also add in exposure to your products and their respective brands. The advantage of having a Magento mobile app is that, you can avail easy integration with your existing Magento store, which in return enables you to manage your web store and your app from the administrator’s panel. An integrated mobile app bridges the trust factor among your customer as it allows them to shop, view, compare and stay benefitted with the promotional offers through their mobile app.
Magento, being an open source is now categorized into two parts; Magentowebstore with an XML Connect extension and native application. The new version includes several features, which are proved to be beneficial for consumers and merchants. Some useful feature like online payment, gift cards and credit card acceptance while purchasing are now easily available. Other than that, your customer can get easy access to order details and also facilitate to write and read review, rating through the Smartphone. Add on features like push notifications, mobile shopping cart and many more can enhance the mobile shopping experience for your customers. Also, there are default features that can stand advantageous for your customers.

Bearing in mind the benefits Mobile commerce hold for your business, it becomes a must-to-adopt strategy to reach out for your consumers. The massive increase of people searching for products online through mobile shopping app due to its easy navigation and access, ecommerce websites are now going extinct. With the unbelievable high conversions rate builds higher opportunities for mobile ecommerce, magento app for iOS and Android is now the backbone of the modern mcommerce.
Smartphone apps are very vital for your business, earning high ROI and attracting more and more clienteles to your online store.
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