Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Challenges Faced With App Development- Part II

The discussion is on; we are still debating about the dos and don’ts while developing a Magento Mobile Shopping app. However, last week, we had posted the Challenges Faced With App Development. Today, we are going to post the second part of the same. Read through it, and apply the techniques while you develop a new mobile app for your ecommerce store.

Keeping it Simple and Clear: 

Reaching the user is important, and the most important challenge is to design an app which is simple and self-explanatory. However, as a designer/ developer, the functioning might be clear to you, but it isn’t necessary that the users are clear with the operational.


The trick here is you can provide the users with brief instructions, tutorials on know-how, and the basic explanation about what and how to use the app. You can also provide with thumbnails and icons to display information. Ensure the icons correspond to the native UI elements of each OS. You can always refer the UI guidelines provided by platforms like Android, Apple iOS and Windows to try choosing the UI patterns the users are already acquainted with.

Performance Vs Battery Life: 

Design and interactions are one aspect of mobile development, however, app performance and battery consumption is equally important. The challenge is to design a well-performing, bug free app, which consumes minimum possible battery. Performance, however, is solely considered to be the development feature and hence dealt during the designing phase. Also, different user perceives app performance differently so are the devices. If your app user is running the app on the latest device, it would work fine, but there are million other users who are still running on older devices. Too many images or visual effects, flooding the cache, or using integrated sensors may disrupt the performance of your application on older versions.

Ensure the development team is already a part of the prototyping efforts. Also, you can set up a beta version to run test cases with test users to avoid any performance trouble during the final launch.

Mobile Content Management: 

The need for mobile app content is ever growing. The call of the hour is to include rich content – videos, images, animations etc. However, the frequent disconnection and improper wireless network it makes it very difficult to deliver a reliable yet rich content that consumes lot of bandwidth. Besides, app stores like Google Play require you to bundle all your rich content into monolithic expansion files, which means, you need to release a new version of the app each time you require to update the app content.


There are many mobile content management solutions systems in the market, which aims at simplifying content management for mobiles. They also help in optimizing bandwidth usage and deliver content reliably.

Connecting With the User: 

The mobile app market is changing rapidly with two important key “Innovation and Creativity”. And that is why, connecting with the user is crucial not just through adding new features in the app, but through personal touch.


Make a solid impression on your customers with your launch. They have been a part of your family when you had a website, now it is a whole different medium. Make your customer feel comfortable. Other than user friendly designs and interactive features, you need to follow the same layout, color, logo and typical fonts. Always pay attention to their feedbacks, smallest issues, thank the one who found the faults, provide immediate help. This is the key to winning happy and loyal users.

So here, we have provided you with the challenges faced and the solutions provided for the same. With mChannel is tow; you don’t have to face these encounters all alone, since our developers are high tech and well trained. They have enough experience to analyze the right and leave behind the wrong.

Believe it yourself; check out our Sample App, which is self-explanatory about our work and innovation. Drop your query or simply write to us to support@mchannel.co or call us +91 87540 26877.


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