Thursday, 29 January 2015

How Appiness will work for you?

You must have seen signs of OLA cabs Appiness week promotions all through the city. Yesterday I was travelling and almost everywhere I could see the yellow banner of Appiness posted in most populated parts if the city. It made me think whether should I try the App? Will there be a final catch? Then I turned on the radio… and was listening to some local station, there too in the commercials, again a reminder of the app and the free ride. Now I was tempted to download, so I pulled out my mobile from my bag and wanted to try the app for myself. Who will not want to try the free ride?


So I did download the app and try it right away. Now I am waiting to book the free ride. Do you think I will just stop with that free ride alone? No, I  will continue to use the same.I realise that having mobile in hand made me download the app. Even if the promotion was to try in from their website, I would have skipped it for doing it later. The mobile promotion and app awareness is truly instantaneous.

How App can change lives?

Also wondering how the BIG Market players like Flipkart, Jabong, etc are reminded to us almost everyday? Yes, they have a strong presence in mobile as App and all can just view them in a click from their mobile devices. They are also offering crazy deals and hourly sales which can be easily accomplished through their app and target their customers.

How can you benefit from mobile app?

So here is how can help you get the mobile app for your online store, so you too can reach more customers and increase sales. If your customers have your App in their mobile they can do shopping and everywhere, get notifications on additional discounts.


Get ready !!


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