Friday, 6 May 2016

Read Through The Aspects mChannel Runs The Show

Welcome to mChannel. Today, we are here to tell you the positive aspects of joining hands with us. Without any delay, let’s go ahead and read through the features and decide wisely.

The Bunch of Techies:

Our team consists of vibrant, innovative and passionate developers and customer support executives setting a different platform for your ecommerce business, holding through every obstacle through extensive support and site maintenance. And if you are really skeptical about anything related to development, customer support or even customizations, we are here to sort that out too. We have done our homework perfectly, simply ring us and see how we will solve your concerns in minutes.

Open-Source Platform- Magento: 

Since there are too many platforms in the web market, we chose to join hands with Magento, the leading open source platform in the ecommerce world to customize your world in just clicks. However, this is not the end. We have plans to integrate other open source platforms for the conversion, for obvious reasons. And with Magento, you can customize your mcommerce world, and set new heights for your Magento Android Mobile App.

Security, Privacy and Reliability:

After the team and platform, the next important aspect of mChannel is to deal with security, privacy and reliability. Since we are dealing on general principles and sensitive nature of our various clients, we provide the greatest value for the security privacy of our systems and users. When you head towards the conversion of the ecommerce website into our systems, there is no data from your website stored, used or even copied on our servers, which means, your data is very safe within our premises.

Easy On Your Pockets:

We have designed three specialized pricing plans available with mChannel, you can choose your plans accordingly and your work will be done. And we have the best team to support you every baby step you take towards development and in no real time, you will have your mcommerce Magento mobile app for android and iOS ready to use.

Value Adding Business:

Feedbacks play a very important role when we receive from our customers and with each passing day, we improvise in our technologies, methodologies and approach for better satisfaction. Our aim is to ensure transparent pricing and a clear communication with our clients before we start working with them.

Schedule a Consultation:

So what’s next? Join hands with mChannel and we ensure you, you have will have a long way to go with us with a very positive prospect in life. Quickly fill up the contact form, or simply call us @ +91 87540 26877 or email us at and we will be at your service.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

All You Need To Know About mChannel

We have been talking about everything but nothing about mChannel. Since we don’t prefer self-promotion, we left the topic for good reasons. However, with the fast moving world, and technology driving us towards our goals, we ought to speak about us and expand our visibility among the customers. mChannel is one such source channel, available anytime of the day for Magento Android mobile app or iOS, or for that matter, any platform you choose based on your target audience.

mChannel, is one of the first kind cloud based SaaS platform, which is built to help and retain customer visibility in the virtual world through mobile shopping apps with the best optimized features, innovative designs and ideas. The better you get through your mobile app; your online sales are likely to be boosted with best usability. We stand as your best IT partner for all your mobile dealings.

mChannel, the brand itself speaks for itself. We are renowned mobile app builders with Magento as the base platform. We are specialized in providing services for customizations and apps for hybrid and native technologies. So name the platform you wish to build to target your audience, and we shall do the needful for you within minutes and serve you with various customizations that will also add in more subject to your Magento mobile app.

Big players like, Flipkart and Amazon have their own set of audience and techniques to reach their customers, whereas, small and medium scale retailers do not maintain great mobile presence. Well, reasons are many; it can vary from budget problem or lack of virtual world knowledge or proper help. mChannel is here to solve the untold mystery for the small scale industry, and show them the real light of marketing through our mobile app.

Since we are targeting small scale based industry, our pricing is also according, and the most pocket friendly service you can get across the web. So you don’t have to worry anything in real about the costing. And if you wish to include customizations in your work, we will charge you minimal for that as well. So overall, you will enjoy services that are not too heavy on your pocket and get results like you always wished for.

So what is the wait for? Come over and take a look at our previously done work, or read our testimonials, to understand what kind of work we have been doing, and the benefits you get with us. Read through our other blog post here and check out the demo apps for reference. We won’t provide you with the same design or content, everything here is copyrighted, however, if you have any ideas and concepts you wish to include in your web page, you are welcome to share the same with our 
designers. They will be happy to serve you as you wish.  

Reach our customer support, or leave a message for us. We will reach you in no time. 

What Is A Payment Gateway?

So today, with a brand new topic to talk on, we are all geared up to know more. “Payment Gateways” the term used worldwide to describe online shopping and online payment through various methods. Most of the merchants are unclear on what payment gateways do in real and why do you need them at the first place. The confusion between the gateway functionality and how it differs from an ecommerce shopping cart is the most active argument among users. And more often we have heard our customers equating payment gateways with merchant accounts.
Today, we are going to throw light on payment gateways and put the gateway in its proper place in the ecommerce credit card processing cycle.

What Is A Payment Gateway?

Payment gateway is a web based service, which is integrated into your Magento ecommerce website shopping cart and collect payment information provided by the customers at the checkout point. The gateway encrypts the data collected and transmits the same to the card issuing bank for authorization. The immediate respond is sent across to the merchant and displayed to the cardholder/ customer. The payment gateway is treated as the point of sale terminus like how it works with brick and mortar business.

What Does A Payment Gateway Do?

This is the most crucial question asked by anyone of us. Just like their counterparts, payment gateways support a full range of processing services like authorization only, authorization and capture, refunds and voids. Every major gateway offers a virtual terminus option which enables the merchants to enter the payment information like completing the transaction over the phone or have received payment over email. Moreover, the virtual terminus allows the merchant to create and save customer profiles within the gateway, which is accessible later for a speedy payment process. Additionally, you can use the virtual terminus to set up the installation or recurring payment plans as well as processing deferred payments.

How Does A Payment Gateway Interact With A Shopping Cart? 

In an ecommerce website or Magento Mobile iOS App or Android, payment gateways and shopping carts enter the transaction cycle at different levels. Shopping cart is one such virtual item, which enables the customers to select items for purchase, and add them into the cart for further process. The total cost of the order, including the shipping and handling charges and taxes are calculated. Once the calculation is shown and approved by the customer, the order is taken to the next level, i.e. checkout where your client is requested to provide the payment information, which is collected and managed by the gateway like mentioned above.

Payment Gateway Vs. Merchant Account:

It is vital to get the point straight. Like POS terminals, payment gateways are tools for handling payment information. Just as the POS terminal is the part of each retail merchant account, the payment gateway is an essential part of every ecommerce merchant account. However, the merchant account services goes beyond simply handling information provided by the cardholder. Services like accepting credit and debit cards, as well as other payment method is done by connecting the merchant’s physical and virtual checkout tools with a processing bank that procures the transaction and funds the merchant’s account the transaction amount, after deducting the transaction processing fee. The whole process, from capturing of information at the point of sale, physically or virtually, to the settlement of the funds is what a merchant account service provides.

With mChannel, you have various options to integrate in your mcommerce mobile app. Most popular payment gateways with us are; CC Avenue, Instamojo, PayU Biz, And PayU Money. Some of our clients also believe in providing Cash on Delivery option for customers who doesn’t wish to make a payment online. So what is cooking latter? Come over and join hands with mChannel- the ultimate Magento Mobile App Builder. Leave us a message at the contact page, or simply email us at and see how fast you are responded from our end. 

Build Your Own iOS Magento App With mChannel

One of the earliest Smartphone launched was iPhone, and even today, it is trending among the customers. Their iStore is flooded with apps, and more and more customers wish to be a part of the iPhone family. However, what is so great about iPhone and their applications? Well, that’s what we are going to discover today.

We all know what got iPhone its popularity. We can say its sleek finishing or the user interface or should I say, the products developed by iPhone are easy to use and comes with a great customer service and in store experience? The reasons are many, we cannot jot them all here, however, today, and we will tell you reasons why iPhone Apps are so popular among the users.

Appealing Interactivity:

You cannot name a phone or a smartphone, which can be compared with iPhone in terms of interactive features. The interactive appeal has not only brought iPhone its name and fame, but also seems to be the best promotional tool for businesses across the globe. The functionality of the apps are perfectly suited for the addictive and interesting apps. The ability to get the user connected with their inherent functionalities and interactivity, iPhone has managed to capture the imagination of many. And the same trend follows with mChannel. We are one sure shot company, dealing with unique and trending apps, and providing the best interactivity to your customers.

Our developers are well versed with creativity, innovation and concepts that can change your overview and bring in more customers.

Heightened Usability:

User friendliness is one such thing that plays an important role in the virtual iPhone world. The apps developed are simply user friendly, developed in a manner that their touch functionality is utilized with finesse and once the app is installed in your iPhone, you can optimize their use and functionality to the fullest. And that is why; they stand as the most popular choice among the users, of all age and gender. While we talk about businesses making use of Magento iPhone Apps, there is vital improvement in their processes and inter-departmental co-ordination, which makes them stand out of the box.

User Engagement:

One of the best things about these iPhone apps are that, they are built with environment promoting user engagement. Each app have its own set of engaging features, which is the most attractive feature for the end user. So when you develop your mCommerce mobile app with mChannel, you can stay on safe grounds with regards to user interface and engagement. At our end, designs are exclusive, exceptional and promoting users to join hands with us. Since you are dealing with ecommerce, the attractive products and categories, the better audience response you will get.

So what is the wait for? Come over and check out mChannel- the ultimate Magento Mobile App Builder for your ecommerce needs. mChannel is a cloud based SaaS platform that helps retailers like you to create & launch mobile shopping apps with optimized features and helps in boosting online sales within clicks.

Don’t you worry about your data being shared on our server. When your website conversion is taking place, no data from your name to customer details will be stored or seen by our IT team at mChannel. And that also means, your website is safe with us. So let’s take a trip to excitement, and see what we can offer you. Reach us @ +91 87540 26877 or simply leave an email to Our team will get in touch with you shortly.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Build your First Android App With mChannel

When Android was introduced as a platform by Google, there was lot of hype with the new generation applications and introduction of new technologies. In no time, we had Android developers ready to work with companies and serve their clients, colleges included syllabus with Android App Development, and training was a part of their job with sufficient knowledge and methodologies how to deal with customers. Everyone were unknown to core technologies, but somewhere, the developers were well versed, and with the limited knowledge, they influenced the audience to stick to the stereotypes. It was not too late, when new techniques, ideas, software, languages and well versed designers were looped. 

And when we look at today’s generation, you don’t need anyone at all for your app development process. Just mChannel and its basic software, and convert your ecommerce website into a brand new, dashing Magento mobile app for your audience. However, we don’t limit ourselves here. We believe in bringing new and attractive content in front of your audience, and with the same thought, we introduced customizations.

Customizations are nothing but, giving a different touch to your mobile app, with a new design, content, user interface and inclusion of categories and products. Our presentation techniques are very unique, and thus, you can stay assured, your customer will love it!

If you are worried that you have no coding knowledge, and yet you wish to have an app of your own, welcome to the league. We have built and share thousands of Magento Android App for our customers, and most of them are not from the technology field, which means, they have zero knowledge about coding and other languages. We would only suggest you, leave the coding part on us and so the designing tension. You simply share your views, ideas, innovative concepts and we shall implement them through our work, and the rest is assured.

With mChannel, the ultimate Magento Mobile App builder for your ecommerce website, stands as one shop stop mobile app building platform for all your ecommerce needs. We work round the clock, which means, you don’t have to really follow up with us, or even send us emails for daily updates. It will automatically reach your email id and if you wish to bring in changes, we are happy to modify.
Our developers are handpicked, well experienced and diversified in their work and subject. With new technology updating, we also update our knowledge with training and practice hours each day to come up with new concepts and ideas, leaving our customer awestruck.

For more details, you can look into our demo apps developed for various clients. And we have left good imprints and wish to be part of our small family, simply contact us and in no time, our customer support executive will reach you for more details.

Friday, 29 April 2016

How Does mChannel Work? A Brief Understanding

We have been s peaking about features to be included in your mobile app for your latest ecommerce, however, today; we will tell you how mChannel works and how easy it is once you are a part of our family.

Sign Up:

The very first step you need is to sign up or log in. If you are new to our website, we take the pleasure to welcome you to mChannel, the ultimate app builder platform for your ecommerce mobile app needs and requirements. Click on Sign up, and provide details like;

Name, Company name, Mobile Number, Company website, Email ID and password.

Once you become a part of our mChannel family, you are required to verify your email id through an activation email id sent across to your email box. Click on the link, and there you are! Welcome to mChannel.

Getting Started:

After registering, you are directed to the Dashboard. This is the place, where all the customizations take place. You will be able to see two buttons on your left. One is the Dashboard, and another is App Setup.

The Dashboard:

At the dashboard, you will be able to see pictorial presentation of step by step methodology. You will also find two buttons below, one says GET STARTED and another says VIDEO, where you will be able to see how to get going with app conversion.

App Setup:

This is the place, where you will be able to find setup instructions and user manual for how to install the magento extension and how to go about the conversion. Follow the instructions given under the PDF attached and see how you will get your ecommerce app in minutes.
You can download the Magento Extension and then take forward the conversion, and also directly move to the Configuration here.

This is a brief explanation on how the conversion takes place. However, we shall come up with a detailed blog post on how to get things started at mChannel, and how our developers come into the scene. Till then, read our previous post, view our work and share a word with your loved ones. We love to see how we stand important for our audience. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Are You Wondering How To Keep Your Customer Engaged? Read It Here!

After talking about Magento and Ecommerce features, today, it’s our turn to speak about Customer Engaging Features. This section is the most important and essential to your ecommerce website, since you are dealing with the customers directly and these features bring them one step closer. So before it’s too late to deal, zest up your ecommerce websites with the following features and see how your journey from reaching your customers to fan followers is created.

Get going with the features, and make up your own list. Developers at mChannel are not only talented but are blessed with power to deal with sensibility.

Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications are like practicing to be engaged with the customers even when your app is not in active state. Each of our push notifications are enriched with personalized content, and that helps you in understanding and staying connected with your customers on a personal level. Push notifications always doesn’t have to be about reminding to shop with us, it can also be about new offers, arrivals of new products and orders. You can also send them notifications on the items added in the wish list, if there is a discount awaiting for them, or new stock updated online.

Coupon Code:

Coupon code is another feature shared between Magento and customer engaging features. They are basically a simple code, consisting of a letters or numbers that the consumer can enter in the promotional box available at the checkout page to obtain discounts, such as percentage off purchase, free shipping and other discounts. It is important to share your coupon code to your customers via push notifications and social media, so that more and more crowd come to your mcommerce app and shop till the offer ends.

Gift Wrap:

Are you planning to gift your loved ones and you wish to surprise them? We will support your ideas. Since the gifts are very special thing, as an ecommerce owner, you have to deal with your customers and provide them with a personal touch. Their loved ones will not only be thrilled, but also love the idea of surprise and special touch. You also provide them with a variety of other options within gift wrapping like what kind of gift wrap they can choose, the color, the text to be written on the card. There are million ways to attract your audience and make them feel special.

Promotional Banners:

Banners are such an item online that will surely catch your attention, no matter what is written or who is posing in front of the cam. The same applies to the ecommerce business. Ensure you get into this promotional banners for creating the basic liking towards your website, not because for fame. Once you know people are appreciating your ads, you can target them to come and join your family with a special login and offers. It is very important to give a colorful, visual treat to your customer’s eye, which is what selling these days. So let’s get indulge in one with mChannel, and see how we make a difference in the Ecommerce market under your name.

No matter how many features you include in your ecommerce app, or how many of them really show effect in your marketing, joining hands with mChannel will never let you down with the marketing techniques. With each passing day, we have new and innovative methods to promote and reach our audience within the time span and circle. Invest your trust on us, and see how we make a difference in your analytics. For more details, contact us and our customer support executive will reach you shortly.

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